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In the market since March of 2000, the main activities developed by Arquijardim are consulting, project, construction, conservation and maintenance of green spaces. It’s a company that works with public and private clients and also works nationally and internationally assuming itself as a young and dynamic firm focusing in the quality of all the services provided.

 In March of 2009 it was made an investment in the quality giving origin to the Quality Management System by the Portuguese norm EN ISO 9001:2008, which defines the policy of quality as a strategic orientation to achieve a high

Satisfaction of the clients and also the spaces conceived, implemented and maintained by Arquijardim company.


SME Certification (IAPMEI)

Average Company

Certification of application of phytopharmaceuticals

Authorization for the exercise of providing services of terrestrial application and plant protection products.

ISO 9001: 2015 (APCER)

Quality standard


Arquijardim’s company is young and innovative. It’s composed by multidisciplinary technical times which possess all the necessary valences to lead all activities in its most variety of areas. Being a company that operates at a national level, it has technicians dispersed in several zones of the country.


Being in the market for almost 20 years, it allowed Arquijardim to establish a strong relationship with its employees and suppliers, creating a foundation in sustainability, meeting low maintenance green spaces, low energy consumption and socially viable.


The main mission is to satisfy the requirements of the client, and to demonstrate Arquijardim's ability to carry out the execution of its services, demonstrating professionalism, competence and efficiency.

Customer's Word

The opinion of the clients is essential for the development of each project, being promoted actions of clarification and collection of opinions that have proved crucial to the success of the work developed.