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• Projects of public or private spaces;
• Requalification and Landscape Integration projects;
• Landscape Integration of Infrastructures (Railway, Road, etc.);
• Conception / Construction projects;
• Licensing Projects;
• Execution Projects;
• Integration of multidisciplinary teams of urban planning and spatial planning;
• Previous studies;
• Consultancy in the field of Landscaping (Public and Private).

• Public and private parks and gardens;
• Urban rehabilitation and reconstruction;
• Cycle paths and access;
• Requalification of degraded areas;
• Highways;
• Sports infrastructures.

· Public and private parks and gardens;
· Exterior enclosures of condominiums and dwellings;
· Sporty lawns;
· Enclosure of public and private infrastructure (WWTP, road and railways, etc.);
· Forest works (deforestation and ground cleaning).